Who is eligible to be a member:

Membership is available to those who have completed training or are embarked on a training pathway that meets all of these standards:

  1.     at minimum a qualification under the Australian Qualifications Framework at the AQF 5 level (Diploma) or international equivalent
  2.     training that is provided primarily in face to face mode
  3.     training that is substantially experiential and sets out to be transformational rather than didactic in style
  4.     training that is broadly consistent with person-centred principles and person-centred training
  5.    training that encompasses holistic and transpersonal counselling principles and methods 

Past and present nationally-approved courses that are recognised as meeting these criteria are set out in the accompanying document .

Nevertheless, since changes to the Australian vocational education regime made survival within the AQF difficult for some niche trainers, HTA has adopted the view that we would recognise high quality training outside the national framework.  That represents only a small extension from long-standing policy that we would recognise actual training rather than a training credential, an important example of the map vs territory distinction.

Further, since the pandemic the Association’s attitude to online-learning has evolved to accommodate a new reality where face-to-face training may be delivered on-line and be interactive.