The Mind Body (Psychosomatic) connection in counselling

  • 18 Oct 2015
  • 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
  • Private Function room Upstairs Hunter Cafe" 162 Martin St Brighton

 The Mind Body (Psychosomatic) connection in counselling

Dr Roozbeh Malekzadeh

5 hours  Professional Development coupled with 2 hours Supervision

Dr Roozbeh Malekzadeh wrote

"I was in the second year of the high school when I was reading a tale from Rumi about a young princess who was sick and all the doctors in town had given up on her cure despite all their efforts. Until a wise man got the patient's pulse and asked her several questions and found out that she was in love with a man from another city. When this problem was addressed her healing started!

I always remember that story and as a result I could never choose a medical speciality and instead remained a general practitioner so that I can deal with the whole person and not just one aspect of them.

I have been trying to learn and understand about different health modalities and ways of healing so that I can be a conduit to help a small corner of people's lives".,

I started thinking about  the connection between thoughts and illnesses or physical ailments.  Now I am trying to present the information derived from more than twenty five years of case study research by my friend and colleague Greg Neville (ND), as well as twenty years of my own research.  During this period I could clearly see the thoughts that maybe the psychological component associated with specific ailments. At the same time I found out that there was a wider harmony emerging between these findings and everything else I knew about physics, poetry,  mythology, chemistry, ideology, religion, music and etc.  I could not resist the idea of combining these philosophical and ideological concepts while exploring health related issues.

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