Passion, Power and Potential in your Personal and Professional Life

  • 03 Oct 2014
  • 05 Oct 2014
  • College of Complementary Medicine, 4-10 Bridge St, Pymble, NSW

Passion, Power and Potential in your Personal and Professional Life .

A soulful engagement with psychodrama and action methods.

Dr Robert Boyle

Psychodrama –from a soulful perspective is an exciting and powerful method that extrapolates and significantly expands the work of Dr. Jacob Moreno (1989-1974).

Psychodrama is an action method that develops spontaneity through role playing in a dramatic self-presentation to explore, gain insight and healing in ones life. By closely recreating real-life situations, and acting them out in the present, clients have the opportunity to more deeply understand a particular situation in their lives.  By inviting in a wisdom figure options are presented to live more creatively.  

In soul-centered psychodrama there is the belief that the group has the power to heal.  Being in the moment  and working with ‘what is’, brings about  change, development, connection and our spontaneous self.  In  trusting this process, we can expect that things will turn out well. The psychodrama  method brings about optimism in people in their relationships with others, in small and  large groups, and in their daily work and life.

During the three days of experiential learning you will develop tools and skills to:

  • o   access the playful self – develop spontaneity
  • o   increase self love and strengthen acceptance
  • o   to  connect to self  and others
  • o   become  aware of and be connected to your  body in the healing process
  • o   resolve inner conflict
  • o   incorporate creative ways of dealing with transference, projection, shadow and inner critic

You have been gifted a full and vital life – embrace it.

When:  October 3rd, 4th and 5th

Hours:  9.30am – 4.30pm

Where: College of Complementary Medicine, 4-10 Bridge St, Pymble, NSW

Cost:   $360

Bookings:  Phone 02 9482 3603, Christine Phillips

Online   :

Robert Boyle Ph.D. has facilitated groups for over thirty years. He is an artist, Transpersonal Art Therapist, Shamanic Practitioner, dramatist and eco-therapist. He leads Vision-Quests and is a Sweatlodge facilitator. He has a keen sense of humour and an intense respect for the Sacred in all relationships.

He studied psychodrama in Australia and New Zealand under the late, great Dr. Max Clayton and in Sydney with Joyce Williams as well as Christine Hoskins, Joyce Williams and many others. Robert is currently studying soulcraft  in the US with Animas. 

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