Holistic Therapists Australia Inc.

Formerly the Australian Association of Holistic and Transpersonal Counsellors Inc.
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Membership Applications


HTA allows trainee psychotherapists enrolled in HTA approved courses to become members and is currently providing membership while a student entirely free of charge.

However, the HTA membership year is a fixed period from from 1st July to 30th June and so the transition from student to a Qualified level of membership is not straightforward administratively. We therefore provide an HTA membership that spans your period as a student but extends to the end of the financial year in which you expect to graduate, so includes a period as a Qualified member.    

But to enable students to develop their practice as soon as possible after they have completed their course  HTA allows those who are simply waiting to graduate to progress immediately to the Qualified level of membership.  This makes them eligible for professional indemnity insurance and enables them to advertise their practice through the HTA website's list of practitioners.


Qualified Membership is provided to graduates of HTA approved courses and who have limited professional experience since graduation.  Experience is assessed indirectly by your history of professional supervision.  If it is less than 2 years since you graduated or you have received less than 25 hours professional supervision in the preceding 24 month period then you are only eligible for Qualified membership  


Professional membership is available to graduates of HTA approved Diploma courses who have been in practice for a minimum of 2 years since graduation and have accumulated a minimum of 25 hours professional supervision in the preceding 24 months. Graduates from the Phoenix Institute's Bachelor of Holistic Counselling are eligible for Professional membership on completion of their course.


Clinical membership is offered to applicants who can demonstrate they meet the PACFA 2014 training standards. 

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