Holistic Therapists Australia Inc.

Formerly the Australian Association of Holistic and Transpersonal Counsellors Inc.
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.:. At a cultural level, HTA :

  • Is a community whose members have undergone experiential transformative training.  Counsellors trained online or by distance education are not eligible for membership.

  • Unambiguously declares that our members trained to Diploma/Adv Diploma level are qualified to carry out psychotherapy (contrary to PACFA definitions) and is willing to support members through complaints or legal processes on that basis.
  • Considers harm to clients as much more likely a failure of personal development than of skills training and applies that attitude both to recognised counsellor training and to the range of activities that constitute approved professional development.
  • Encourages members to make informed individual decisions about the style of professional development and supervision that meets their needs.
  • Takes account of the inherent complexity in members’  lives, and applies the association’s rules in a flexible manner.
  • Operates paperless self-reporting processes based on trust.
  • Adopts a stance that encourages compliance with national standards rather than taking punitive action when members may fall short.

 .:. At the practical level, HTA:

  • Provides low cost membership (free of charge to student members, $75 p.a. for Qualified and Professional members).
  • Provides free listing in a searchable online practitioner directory for members who have met their OPD and supervision targets
  • Provides access to professional insurance through several brokers, including TherapySure, OAMPS and Fenton & Green, the insurers to PACFA.
  • Has an annual OPD target of 15 experiential hours and 10 hours Supervision
  • Includes a non-practicing membership category for members who have not met their OPD and Supervision targets and aren’t eligible for an exemption
  • Provides a range of logos for advertising purposes
  • Provides free member access online to relevant journals, including the archive of The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology.
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