As an HTA member you can source professional insurance from any source you can find, but the Association is known to three insurance brokers :  Gallagher, TherapySure and Fenton & Green.
The products offered by these brokers are directly comparable. Consequently, it is possible to provide members with an objective comparison of the insurer brokers in terms of relative cost and the ease of use and functionality of their respective websites. In those terms, TherapySure is the least cost and easiest to use for HTA members.

Comparison of Recommended Insurance Brokers

 Broker  Option to add
 agency for
 Quote &
 completed via
 Level of
 Proof of 
 insurance via
 Website ease of
 use for HTA
 Cost of typical
 Yes  HTA  Yes  Various  Yes  Very easy  $175
Fenton & Green
 Yes  HTA  Yes  Various  Yes  Complicated  $not known
 Yes  Gallagher  Quote Yes  Various  No  N/A  $not known